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'Let It Rip' Mural by Scott Marsh | Redfern Street Art

Scott Marsh

My job was heavily affected by Covid. I was laid off work and for the first year I received no financial help from the government. I was also 13 days shy from receiving Jobkeeper. I had a partner to rely on but after purchasing our first home a month before Covid hit the news it was an uncertain and scary time. 

After three months Mat relocated to Sydney while I stayed in Albury. I visited often but for  9 months I renovated our investment property by myself and travelled back and forth using one paycheck.
Fast forward 9 months I was ready to join Mat in Sydney, get a job and start helping with the finances/

 I landed a job my first week of looking and three weeks after being hired lockdown occurred.
It lasted 4 months.

I understand the initial lockdown occurred to prevent loss of life and the second occurred to buy us time to immunize. Past being told to take a jab to keep my job which disturbed me I don't have much of an opinion.

We've now reached the immunization threshold  and while Scott Marsh made this mural as a satirical means to mock and criticize the NSW PM I'm with the Prime Minister whole hearted. It's time to let go and 'Let her Rip'

📍 28 Pitt St, Redfern


  1. Haha I always love Scott Marsh pieces. Sorry you lost your job due to covid, I agree the lockdown was terrible and I'm glad now we can sort of go back to normal.


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