Sydney CBD - Sugar Republic

BIG Bubble O Bill at Sugar Republic | The Rocks, Sydney
Sugar Republic

Today I went to Sugar republic. I cant recall how I found the place but I spotted a few giant paddle pop ice creams in their Google Photos and just had to add them to my bucket list.

At the door the hostess noted my camera and asked if I was an Instagrammer. I told her of my love of BIG Things and it turns out she a BIG Thing nut too.

I followed the rooms and indulged in the displays. The facility wasn't particularly for me and I didn't take as many photos as I should have, despite my mentality of always doing so simply because you're there. I understand the appeal of the place but the fake flashy side of Instagram really isn't for me.

Candy themed songs sung down from the ceiling and bright colors slapped me into the face with every room I stepped into. Most of the deco's were pretty cheesy but they photographed quite well. 

I'm still mixed about the place. I've always said I wish Sydney had more things like this but it was so cheese! lol