Darling Harbour | Tim Kyle

Tim Kyle

I'm sure most artists don't favor being admired by BIG Thing enthusiasts but I visited this artists work in Canberra and fell in love with is somber work

Awhile back there was a similar sculpture at a winery in the Yarra Valley that was moved. I was saddened that once again I had missed an opportunity to visit a relic but gushed at seeing ''Diver'' placed at the Maritime Museum. I now wonder if both sculptures are actually one in the same .

He appears to have moved from the first few photos I had seen and while I don't believe he's permanent but he'll likely live at the museum for a season or two gazing longingly towards the ocean.

This larger than life, 5m tall, sculpture felt hollow when I knocked on him to get a feel for what he was made of. I couldnt quite place the material but the artists statement citing themes of isolation, the size of the man dwarfing me creating a segregation of unity and the bulky helmet and suit acting as armor really does ring true. This giant man felt a world away as he dwarfed over me and did come across quite sad to me