Cowra | Unknown

Cowra Public Art | Eagle Sculpture

Cowra Public Art | Eagle Sculpture

Unknown Artist

This was pinned to my map as a BIG Thing of Australia and like alot of things it's hard to determine whether I'd consider it a BIG thing or a large scale Public Artwork based on a Google Street View from 2010. 

I did believe it to be a 2D flat corrugated sheet of iron cut into the shape to resemble an Eagle. I was surprised to learn it was slightly more 3D than first believed

While I couldn't find an artist to credit the Eagle itself has a ton of history! 

Originally the town was dubbed 'Coura Rocks' with a municipal council sporting an eagle design on their corporate seal. Sometime in the early to mid 80's the councils seal design inspired the movement to create a tourist attraction and simply the old township name along with the old seal was dreamed into a physical sculpture; An Eagle suspended of Cowra's rocks. 

The earliest reference I could find was a relocation date of 1987 which makes the sculpture at least 34 years old.

📍 Cowra Visitors Centre


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