Bathurst | Stephen Hart

'Conversation' by Stephen Hart | Bathurst Public Art

Stephen Hart

I loved this sculpture! It's been a fixture of Peace Park since 1988 but after seeing it posted by a good friend and fellow adventurer Debbie Kumar I was delighted by it's quirkiness and added it to my own list of things to visit. 

The Public Artwork is called 'Conversation' and features four faceless figures huddled together in an engrossed conversation. Despite the obvious vandalism the body language and figures touching each other really brought out the warm and fuzzies which tugged at the old heart strings as I walked around the monument happily snapping photos on that wonderfully warm and sunny day

I naively loved the concept of this sculpture. I believed at the time the sculpture was a simple and ironic installment and Public artwork invites and creates conversations

I then discovered 'Conversation' is a centennial monument placed within Bicenneial Park which changed the entire tone of the sculpture.

The artists statement reads that he was enthralled with the concept of war growing up and while I dont consider the colonization of Australia a War the notion these figures might be discussing such an issue in such a warm and positive way makes a really fantastic tribute.