Blayney | Nitsua

Blayney Street Art by Nitsua


While these two murals were commissioned by the same establishment they're actually across the road from one another. While both murals stand out and aren't particularly easily missed only one showed up in my Public Art search so the latter mural was a nice surprise for me

The bird mural was taken with a landscape lens and while I'm sure there was a jumpable fence allowing me to take a better photograph I cant recall why I didn't take the opportunity. Across the road you'll easily find Nitusa's second mural on a demountable and close to the fence line.

The artist felt the school needed a more friendly and vibrant school entry and set to work to make Blayney Public School the coolest looking place in town. Both murals can be located on the corner of Lindsay and Church Street.

Blayney Street Art by Nitsua