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Forbes 'Amazing' Sculpture Rosie Johnston

Rosie Johnston

Three years previous I'd been in Forbes looking for this very sculpture. Some may say ''how'' as a nice Google nameplate shows exploders where this is located but not at the time of my 2019 trip.
I spent a good 30 mins exploring back roads only to give up.

I'm happy to finally have discovered Rosie Johnston's 'Amazing' along Lachlan Valley Way and was surprised to learn the 2017 sculpture took three years to complete. The bold red letters were a nod to the the official NSW government brand and a 2012 poem was provided for amusement.


Imagine travelling along the stock route
discovering a massive word
nestled in amongst the dry golden grasses
and majestic red river gums.
A word that would get it feet wet in floods
Say g'day to passing cattle and drovers in dry times
and glisten in frosty mornings n a sunny winters day...
That would be amazing!

Rosie Johnston (2014)

📍 947 Lachlan Valley Way, Forbes