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'Roadkill' by Jimmy Rix | Forbes Public Art

Jimmy Rix

As soon as the artist posted this creation was on its way to be permanently placed in Forbes it was on my wish list to visit. I'm a huge fan of Jimmy Rix and his Corten steel contemporary artworks and this one was a stunner. 

'Roadkill' was completed in 2020 and makes one of many throughout Forbes and surrounds on its grand public art trail. Roadkill is a nod to the travelers plight of kangaroos on the road and the hazard they become to motorists. The twist however is this sculpture is told from the Kangaroo's point of view and incorporates a cartoon feel.

I loved the kangaroo with the cricket bat smashing the cars instead of the other way around. Rix is a country boy and many of his artworks highlight the impacts humans have on our environment.

Roadkill is found on Lahlan Valley Road near the corner of Lahlan Valley Road and the Newell Highway. Other notable works from the artist can be found in Throsby, ACT and  Peppermint Grove, WA

The plaque reads

'People often complain about the damage
done to cars after hitting a kangaroo when travelling
Have we stopped to think about this from the kangaroo point on view?
We may sustain a dent to the car or a broken headlight
while the kangaroo suffers major injuries or worse, loses their life
This sculpture sees the kangaroo taking revenge on its nemisis
in a numerous and comical way'

Jimmy Rix | Sculptor | 2020


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