Grenfell | Gillie & Marc

Grenfell | Henry Lawson Sculpture by Gillie & Marc

Gillie & Marc

A bitter sweet sculpture by Gillie and Marc or should I write 'Gillie & Marc Schattner'

I was intrigued to come across a 2014 Gillie and Marc sculpture, especially one with a notable difference in artist credit. It was unfortunate the street was undergoing a huge makeover and any chance to capture a photo without so much background noise was moot. 

The artwork is titled ''Said Grenfell to my Spirit'' and is a tribute to Henry Lawson. Once a year the town hosts a parade in which a Giant Henry Lawson Head is paraded down the street. I dont think this is something I'll ever get to see but it is on my map of BIG Things and I hope one day it'll happen

📍 Forbes & Main Street, Grenfell


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