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BIG Gold Pick & Pan in Grenfell | Australian BIG Things

BIG Pick & Pan

High on every BIG Thing enthusiasts list is this bad boy located very close to Grenfells' amazing painted Silo. I didn't have enough light the night we drove into Grenfell but loved that it was in a field dedicated to letting travelers camp for free. 

Naturally I woke up and snapped a photo with it before I'd had my morning coffee. Another camper decided to park their van right in front of it and while I did tippy toe up to it I refused to let their presence deter me from capturing this amazing sculpture. The sculpture is the project of Peter Mason and Tony Durham, two awesome individuals and members of the Grenfell Mens Shed.

The BIG Pick and Pan pays tribute to the areas history of Gold and how towns like Grenfell formed and thrived due to the booming economy. For it's age the sculpture was in amazing condition and be located near the intersection of West & Young Street.

📍 Grenfell Railway Station


  1. This is cool, I've been meaning to visit Grenfell looks lovely town


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