Leura | Scott Nagy & Krimsone

Scott Nagy & Krimsone

I was skeptical as to whether this mural existed. We drove through a golf course with a day spa tucked away at the bak of the property and while getting to the  end carpark and beginning a double back, there it was. 

You can't see it from your point of entry but it's worth a visit to the Fairmont Resort and Spa in the Leura. The wall was quite long with a lot to photograph.

The wall was in great condition. I'm not aware of how old the wall is but a lot of work in the Blue Mountains was done around 2016  by the dream team Nagy and Krimsone 

The wall was too long to capture in one shot and a total of 9 small portraits can be had from visiting this delightful and playful mural. The Golf Resort also had a sculpture in its garden that you can photograph while you lazily drive by. 


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