Engadine | Mistery & Sarah Rowan

 My first stop in Engadine was The Family Co building on Station Street. It's an organization offering youths services creative things to do. The complex is nestled between two other buildings that sit further towards the street curb affording the complex two small walls that act as partitions.

Engadine Street Art by Mistery

The first mural is by a personal favorite. Mistery 973 it depicts an Aboriginal face behind a sunand a background that, while undoubtable resembles an Australian landscape, are also the colors of the Aboriginal flag

Engadine Street Art by Sarah Rowan

The second mural is by Sarah Rowan. It features a set of wings with positive words patterns and symbols down the length of the feathers. It was painted late 2020 and has become a popular backdrop for locals to take selfies with.