Engadine | Mulga

Engadine Street Art by Mulga


The public art gem of Engadine was Mulga's mural titled 'Waratah Wazza the Koala' 
Wazza can be found at the Waratah Arcade on the back of Engadine Chargrilled Chickens facing Waratah Rd. The artist has incorporated a waratah into the mural as a whimsical reference to the native flower that the over saturation of its name 

Like most of Mulga's creations his mural is accompanied by a story

'Once there was a Koala called Warrick and he was heaps good at flowers and when he grew up he opened up his own florist called Wazza's Waratahs and all he sold was waratah flowers because they were his favourite kind of flower because one day when he was a little koala dude he was heaps high up in his eucalyptus tree munching on eucalyptus leaves when a big gust of wind came along and he lost his grip and fell out and was hurtling towards earth towards certain death when he landed in a waratah tree which saved his life. From then on in he was all about the waratah and opening a waratah only flower shop was a natural progression. ⁣'
The End⁣⁣