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Campbelltown Street Art by Jason Wing
Campbelltown Street Art by Jason Wing
Jason Wing

The City of Campbelltown has been busy this year beautifying and upgrading it's main shopping precinct. 

I had to move a few cones to photograph this partial wall on Dumaresq Street. The wall depicts two serpents painted by Chinese / Aboriginal artist Jason Wing.

One, he sa
ys, is a Rainbow Serpent honoring his Indigenous heritage painted in traditional Aboriginal colors and the other a serpent representing all other nationalities painted in colors commonly associated with prosperity in Chinese culture.


  1. I was excited to see this when it was finished is such a cool piece.

  2. What a vibrant representation of cultural harmony! It's heartening to see artists like Jason Wing celebrating diversity through their work. The incorporation of the Rainbow Serpent, paying homage to Indigenous heritage, alongside the serpent symbolizing various nationalities is truly powerful. It's a testament to the rich tapestry of cultures within Campbelltown. Speaking of which, I've noticed a similar richness in the community's approach to NDIS plan management Campbelltown. It's about recognizing and honoring individual needs while fostering inclusivity. Keep up the beautiful work, Campbelltown!


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