Zetland | Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Zetland Public Art by Maria Fernanda Cardoso

Maria Fernanda Cardoso

I have conceded defeat on this sculpture. It's my second visit and while I know this sculpture needs a drone to capture it's unique spiral effect I simply don't have one and standing on the stones themselves doesn't do the sculpture justice. 

The 2018 'While I Live I Will Grow'  install places oblong sandstone blocks on top of each other and jaggedly to create a spiral effect. At the center of this spiral lives a Bottle Tree, something the artist felt was the epitome of the commissioners brief.

Hired to create a statement concerning water management Maria used the Bottle Tree which expands and subtracts when exposed to water naturally upon a site that was once a wetland. The Suburb of Zetland was once drained of water to make way for urban development.