South Melbourne | Atong Atem

Hanover House installation by Atong Atem

Atong Atem

After a two year delay Adventurer Maty and I were finally in Melbourne to get married. Our first night in town we held a small hens/ bucks night with dinner and some entertainment in South Melbourne. 

I was in awe when we left dinner to find this. While it wasn't dark enough to see the full effect, and I'm to discover the real gem is on the other side of the building, it was still very prominent and wonderful to see.

The artist, Atong Atem, has a love for vintage wallpaper and was the inspiration for the Hanover House. The buildings exterior, 'Outdoor living' was revamped in 2021 and covers at least two sides of the building. Power Street features a large neon Banksia while City Rd is covered in neon tulips.

One of my guests was photo bombing my photographs with fingers and jumping in the way. I'd love a better photo, night time and car free but fear after this year our annual trip to Melbourne wont be happening for awhile.