Albury Manor House

Albury Manor House

I don't usually post too often when it comes to non art related things but I'm going to make an exception for this trip to Melbourne. Adventure Mat and I stopped at the Albury Manor house for a night so we could get to Melbourne reasonably early the next day. 

The hotel had an old feeling about it and I don't just mean the mediaeval theme, we both loved the decorum though. It's rare for Mat to get his phone out and photograph things but he took a similar photo to this which surprised me.

The staff were super friendly and after finding an underwhelming 'BIG Breakfast' at a nearby cafe we settled for having breakfast here and I'm really glad we did. The Kings brekkie had everything we were looking for and was cheaper than what we'd normally pay at a cafe.

We ate breakfast overlooking the swimming pool full of cheerful children and were ready to hit the road again! 



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