Goodbye Sydney!

Our posting orders are in and it's official, we're moving states!

I have 6 weeks to plan this mammoth road trip!!

I'd like to collect as much Street Art, Public Art, Monuments and BIG Things as I can on the way WHILE  completing the rest of my Sydney Art Map which is only 2/3 complete.

Between work and packing 
this doesn't leave me much time so I'll be  taking a break from posting until I've reached the new destination.

I leave Sydney on the 20th of Feb.  I don't know how long my art adventure will be until a rough draught is complete but I expect somewhere between 5-10 weeks.

Once settled I'll have a full three years to update this blog with what I hope will be an epic road trip  and an arsenal of older posts that have have yet to be posted.

I look forward to returning in  2023


  1. Wishing you a lovely 2023, I'm looking forward to more great pics your street art finds. Wish you good move to.

  2. Good luck, wishing you all the best.


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