Culburra Beach - Shannon Boyd

Culburra Beach Street Art by Shannon Boyd

Shannon Boyd

This wasn't the mural I originally planned to see but was delighted to find in it's place. I'm to learn this wall replaced another sometimes between 2016 and 2017. 

It was commissioned by 'Ritual Habitual Coffee' A small coffee van that traded outside of Burra beach Eats at the time of painting. They commissioned an artist by the name of SB Illustrations for the mural
but I couldn't find either account for store or artist.

3 hours down a Search engine hole I discovered the trader has since moved to a store and renamed itself to 'The Outpost Coffee Co' sporting a small mural by Shannon Boyd!

...And then it clicked. SB Illustration was an earlier business name of Shannon Boyd whose work I have visited before. Love the slogan!!!! 'Run to Burradise'