Figtree - Nitusa

Figtree Street Art | Mural by Nitsua


I've found myself at a bit of a stand still lately as I struggle mentally to process the amount of content I took on this trip and the task of sorting and posting it all. The longer I delay the longer my blog appears to have been abandoned so I'm going to post my favourite from each day on the road, with the exception of any item from the Silo Art Trail, until my most recent picture taken.

This will allow me to post new content, allow my blog to be a sense of excitement for me and encouraging me to explore Townsville. 

Nitusa specialized in school murals during Covid. He made a hearty dint across NSW painting bright and vibrant walls to delight school children and with murals like this one, facing the public footpath, street art enthusiasts. 

This wall is accessible 24/7. It has no obstructions, yet! Just be mindful the mural may be obscured by children around school starting and finishing times and you should plan your timing to avoid those times. 

The School is situated on a rather steep hill. I visited mid day on a Saturday and there were still quite a few cars parked on the side of the road. with both sides being parked on I could imagine how hectic this street would be. If you arrive on a school day close to pick up/drop off time I'd highly recommend parking a street over and walking.