Arkona | Smug

Arkona Silo Art | Street Art by Smug


Smugs silo is often reference to be in Arkona. It appears to be a small settlement or township on GoogleMaps with no official nameplate. It's not listed as a town within the Shire of Hindermarsh and the address for the silo lists Dimboola as the location.

I've seen a fair few murals by Smug now and his work never fails to disappoint. He's a master at large scale projects, a wizard with a can and has at least three silo projects in Australia in his portfolio. 

Featured is local Arkona resident Roley Klinge. Roley was a local tennis member who spent much of his free time inspiring and coaching young players. Smug has depicted Roley as an invisible figure to symbolize his passing but painted him in the glasses and hat he was well known for wearing. Roley was a local legend and valued member of his community within Arkona.