Bilpin | BIG Fruit Bowl

 Bilpin BIG Things | BIG Fruit Bowl

Bilpin BIG Things | BIG Fruit Bowl

BIG Fruit Bowl

Bilpin was supposed to be my first stop from leaving Sydney. I can't tell you how good it felt driving into Bilpin from the West and getting to my original starting point after leaving Sydney for Melbourne and spending roughly a month in Melbourne before beginning this road trip.

Super thankful I got to complete the VIC Silo art trail but arriving in Bilpin was a huge relief and despite being on the road for as long as I had I felt completely re-energized. 

Bilpin felt like a giant orchard. The entire drive into town were fruit trees, orchard-themed murals and tacky oversized half-fruit sculptures. Due to the time, I decided to drive straight to the start then work my way back to the free camp I had lined up.

After taking these photos I treated myself to a slice of apple pie and a coffee. Took some photos of the nearby murals, which I will post in time, and then headed for the free camp for a much-needed sleep.

I was surprised by the quality of the BIG Fruit Bowl. I've had this on my BIG Thing list for years and years and most of the photos I had seen were quite degraded. The Google Street View photo for quite some time had this in front of the garage doors and, if I recall correctly, unpainted. 

I guess it leaves me wondering if The BIG Fruit Bowl was refurbished since the Google car had rolled through last or if this was the original and Google needs to roll their car through regional Aus a little more often.