Beulah | Kitt Bennett & JAW

Beulah Street Art by Kitt Bennett & JAW
Beulah Street Art by Kitt Bennett & JAW
Kitt Bennett & JAW

This was my last day on the road before a few days rest. It was a huge day though boasting 35 artworks which may take me awhile to blog.

I intended to travel down to Brim then back up to Patchewollock, East to Lancelles, Sealake, then South to Nullawil with my last art stop in St Arnold.  

While I completed all those stops I did forget to go to Brim to retake a 2016 photo. I took a selfie with Guido Van Heltens silo AND a non selfie of that silo but after 7 years a lot of photos have disappeared in the effort of 'Sorting' and all I have left is a selfie. I will return one day as I'm sure more painted silos will be produced. 

It took me awhile to discover the artist of this wall. The town of Beulah has a few murals to boast. The Beulah Memorial Hall is painted on at least three sides in a rather colorful display. The hall appears to have a military theme with notes of native flora and fauna through out the buildings decor. The trusty cattle dog, rosellas and wattles while the red poppy makes a steady feature.