Beulah | LucyLucy & Shawn Lu

Beulah Street Art by LucyLucy
Beulah Street Art by Shawn Lu
LucyLucy & Shawn Lu

This was a pleasant surprise and not on my map. 

Nestled between the local cafe and the town pharamacy was this vibrant piece by Lucy Lucy and a wall by an artist I'd never heard of before.

I had to move a table and four chairs to get a clear shot of Lucy's wall but it was well worth the effort. Red poppies and local flora were a theme for this beautiful wall as was with Kitt Bennetts and JAWS work. 

Shaun Lu's wall almost has a graphic style to it. The theme bleeds into the wall really well and with all the details I could see the amount of effort the artist poured into his creation.