Bourke | John Murray, Brian Smith, Kasper & Bob Barrett

Bourke Water Tower by John Murray, Brian Smith, Kasper & Bob Barrett

John Murray, Brian Smith, Lukas Kasper & Bob Barrett 

There's a lot going on with this painted tower. I was excited to learn Lukas Kasper was collaborating with John Murray on this one as he was in my home town before and after it's completion adding a dozen or so murals to my communities portfolio.

The Water Tower features a Bourke local hero by the name of Percy Hobson. At the age of 20 Hobson was the High Jump gold medalist for the 1962 Commonwealth Games held in Perth after teaching himself to jump in his back yard as a youngster. Hobson also had the local park named after him after he returned home with great fanfare.

In 2021 the township raised money to have Mr Hobsons winning moment immortalized on a very prominently placed Water Tower in Bourke to not only honor the local hero but to attract tourism with the growing interest in Silo Art by tourists. 

Four artists took part in it's 17 day completion. Brian Smith, another local, added the Indigenous totems at the foot of the tower while John Murray, assisted by Lukas Kasper and Bob Barrett, worked their magic to bring Bourke the wonderful tribute they envisioned. 

Percy Hobson died in 2022 but before passing at the age of 79 was able to witness the monument the town so proudly fundraised for.

Bourke Water Tower by John Murray, Brian Smith, Kasper & Bob Barrett