Coonamble | John Murray, Bob Barrett & Sooty Welsh

Coonamble Street Art by John Murray, Bob Barrett & Sooty Welsh

John Murray, Bob Barrett & Sooty Welsh

If there were an information board for this one, I completely missed it. I rather enjoy reading how many cans and days it took to complete these kinds of projects. Since I'm missing the information and the artists are a little tight lipped on their socials I will regrettable regurgitate some info that's already out there.

This Water tower was painted over 11 days. The base was painted by Bob Barrett, while John Murray completed the middle / top of the tower and Sooty Welsh completed the Indigenous elements at the base.

The tower was completed in 2017, is painted all the way around and features galahs flying anti clockwise under a sprinkle of rain. The tower had to be touched up by the artist in 2020 citing damage to the structure as it was apparently decommissioned full of water.