Dunedoo | BIG Swan

Dunedoo BIG Swan | Australian BIG Thing

BIG Swan

This swan is on most lists of things to visit as far as iconic BIG Things go. I'll admit there are two types of collectors out there, as far as adventure and photos go. A BIG Thing is generally defined as any popular tourist attraction so those individuals who want to visit and photograph the general Big Things, no matter how kitchy they may be and those who only desire to visit vastly larger than life objects.

I'll admit I started off as the former and as the years have progressed I have taken a likening to the latter which free's up a lot of time to visit Street Art and Public Art on my travels. I wouldn't consider this Swan to be a vastly larger than life swan, it's certainly bigger than a real swan but as far as labels go I'd probably refer to this wonderful touristy item as Kitsch. Still highly desirable to visit but if I had to choose between this swan and scaring a feinting goat you know I'd be in a paddock, faster than you could say Nelly to scream at a billy goat.

Now the swan is a business embellishment of the Dunedoo Swan Motel. It's located on Bolaro Street near opposite the painted Silo so be sure to snap a photo while you're already in town.

There are several other items in town which I'll post eventually but until they're posted consider visiting on the same street the Neptune Solar System Drive billboard, the BIG Pencils at the local caravan park, photographable from the street and some of the other sculptures in the park behind the painted Silo.