Hay | Unknown

Hay Street Art | A bridge mural

Truthfully these pylons just didn't do it for me. When I pulled up to the road leading into this park it was shoe deep in mud. I walked down this road almost slipping twice and through  the park. The walk across the park was find but nearing the bridge the long grass put me on edge. I've travelled a lot and never seen many wild snakes but this area had me raising my heckles. I moved slow and consistently listened for the sound of slither slither but made it around the causeway without incident.

My note on my map says it was painted by the inmates of the Warakirri Centre at Ivanhoe which is a good 2 hours drive North of Hay. I don't really know if they did paint the mural. Unfortunately at the time of trying to google this answer my searched were dominated with hay bale art and Haymarket Sculptures which aren't overly helpful and just makes me want to visit more things.