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Hopetoun Street Art by Kaffeine & Goodie
Kaff-eine & Goodie

This was one of two murals in town I had on my list to find. The first didn't pan out but this beautifully painted amenity block was a wonderful find. Painted on all four sides; one side by artist Goodie, two sides by Kaff-eine and the remaining wall was a collab between Kaff-eine, Goodie and the community in 2017.

This amenity block is found within the Lake Lancelles Campground. I stayed at this free camp the night and had a restful night sleep. Despite the rat that startled me on a midnight bathroom break the amenities and campground were in amazing order. 

The lake was an extremally busy place for campers. I had to drive half way around the lake to find a place to pitch my swag but the sunset and peaceful stay was well worth it.

Hopetoun Street Art by Kaffeine & GoodieHopetoun Street Art by Kaffeine & GoodieHopetoun Street Art by Goodie