Hoppers Crossing | Julian Clavijo

Hoppers Crossing Street Art by Julian Clavijo

Julian Clavijo

I made the mistake of spending my first week and a half in Melbourne dedicating my time to playing a HC toon on Classic World of Warcraft. I reached lvl 31 before she was griefed in Hillsbrad by a lvl 60 kiting a SS guard into Miner Hacketts mine.

I came to my senses there after and realized how much time I had wasted and dedicated the remainder of my time to ticking as much off my map as I could. 

I managed 3-4 outings and visited 82 individual artworks. This is on top of previous visits and am happy to report I only have two items left to visit.... until I research some more.

This beautiful mural by Julian Clavijo is located on the station platform side of the Hoppers Crossing Train Station. It's one of two. If you walk around the shopping strip, directly on the other side, you'll find an untagged mural from an artist that has work right across the council.

Titled 'Dark Days are Over' Julians' mural is a 2021 masterpiece that spans at least 30 meters. Brightly colored sunflowers sit amidst dark foliage adding a layer of symbolism to the artworks title. The eyes are instantly drawn to the feature though  which depicts a grinning child with a bouquet of flowers upon her head.

I must admit Julians' creation is rather difficult to look at and not be filled with a small sense of joy.