Quirindi | Peter Ryan

 Quirindi Painted Silo by Peter Ryan

Quirindi Painted Silo by Peter Ryan
Peter Ryan

I couldn't pick a favourite photo so I'll post both.

If there were no plaque for this Silo I would have assumed this was painted by Kaff-eine. The colors are more vivid than I'd expect from Kaff-eines usual flat tones but it's a very similar style and likely would have fooled me.

I didn't realize until today, when I read the description of the plaque I photographed, that if you photograph this Silo on the 45` angle the painted rail tracks align. Next time!

Like most rural murals the Silo tells the tale of Quirindi's history. From it's early history with agriculture to it's more modern inhabitance and farming practices. Peter Ryan choose a color pallet to reflect the Australian rural outback with hues of blue to symbolize memory. Ryan typically paints faceless subjects to allow the viewer their own perspective on the mood of his work and allows the viewer to feel their own narrative.