Rosebery | Kaff-eine

Rosebery Silo Art by Kaff-eine

Rosebery Silo Art by Kaff-eine

I found the plaque fascinating. I'm more into the art than the artist. If I saw an artist painting I'd typically avoid bothering them though I have made the acquaintance of JonyDee80, Kade Sarte and Quer 162.

Learning about the artist on this stop was a nice touch. I didn't know much about Kaff-eine past her affinity for horses. 

I don't have much to say about the silo itself. The photo was taken in the early morning so there wasn't much atmosphere. Plenty of parking and the road was quiet. The whole area had a bit of a lonely feel so the monochrome mural rather suited the canvas and the area. 

📍4731 Henty Hwy, Rosebery