Sea Lake | Drapl and The Zookeeper

Sea Lake Silo Art by Drapl and The Zookeeper

Drapl and The Zookeeper

I never thought there would be a more in sync duo painting together than Scott Nagy and Krimsone until I came across work by Drapl and The Zookeeper. The pair had teamed up to produce murals all over Queensland along with this beautiful Silo the same way Nagy and Krimsone have left their brush strokes all over NSW.

The project is another Graincorp silo titled 'The Space Inbetween'. It was completed by the duo in late 2019 and depicts a young girl playing on a sing. The duel landscape before her is of Lake Tyrell a lake that was a vital resource for the indigenous of the region. 

further along the tanks we're met with images of what appear to be sticks around Lake Tyrell but are actually representative figures of past inhabitants and lastly the two remaining murals show the sky in opposing times. The tribe (Boorong) that once inhabited the area were said to be able to navigate seasons via astronomy. This allowed the tribe to anticipate local flora and fauna in certain months and to migrate to areas where food was more plenty based on which constellations were present.