St Arnaud | Kyle Torney

St Arnaud Street Art by Kyle Torney

Kyle Torney

A CFA tribute found on Alma Street by local resident Kyle Torney. Strap those walking shoes on because this town is chock filled with portraits by the artist and this is just the beginning. 

The artist and local gym owner received funding for materials and donated his time to create murals across town to draw in Tourism. I found 10 murals with half of them not being on my map at the time of my visit. While I had the impression there would be more I was not disappointed to learn just that as I snooped at the artists profile long after my trip ended.  I didn't miss many but really wish I had to photographed his small water tank featuring Barney'

While I can't be certain, I believe this wall is a tribute to local CFA volunteer Trevor Baldock. Most of the tribute names are on the walls he paints but I didnt zoom faar enough out to capture it if there was. Google Street View in St Arnaud is also so out dated the mural isn't present so no cheating for me.