Wanganella | Unknown

Wanganella Peppin Merino Monument

Unknown Artist

You know what really grinds my gears, coming across a public artwork, in this case, a monument that has 3 plaques dedicated to council offices and 'honorable' some ones who unveiled the work but absolutely no mention, time or effort made to mention the artist.  

This monument, placed in 1965 was a tribute to George Hall Peppin, his two sons and the Wnaanella Station the Peppin family settled in 1858. George Peppin was an English settler with a wealth of experience breeding sheep. After finding little satisfaction in the quality of the Australian merino the Peppin family began to breed the Merino to eventually bred what became known as the Peppin strain. The Peppin merino was acclimatized to Australian weather and as a result yielded a better quality of wool with significantly more of it.

Today the Peppin Merino bloodline can be found in more than half the stock of Australia which  has significantly raised Australia's reputation as a valued global wool exporter. 

I noticed this monument quite randomly and the location doesn't particularly have an address. If I'm correct with my recollection you can find the monument near the corner of Cobb Highway and Murray Street, Wanganella