Werribee | BIG Emu's Feet

Werribee | BIG Emu feet

Vicki Couzins

The Governments initiative to remove all entry level train crossings resulted in the bridge being constructed. The council approved this wonderful example of how public art can coexist and really compliment urban development by disguising what would ordinarily be boring pillars into an extraordinary delight of culture.

These giant emu feet have yet to take off in the BIG Thing circuit but I imagine it won't take long for photographers to begin adding this item to their itineraries and begin circulating photos.

The Sculpture was made or was designed by Vicki Couzins and claims the site was a meeting place of emus, hence the emu feet and surrounding embellishments. The site shares space with a modest skate park and is close to the main street.

I lived in Werribee for most of my teenage years and remember this area being rather run down and rather unappealing. The council has done an amazing job transforming the area into what it's now become.

Werribee | BIG Emu feetWerribee | BIG Emu feetWerribee | BIG Emu feet

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