Pokolbin | BIG Wine Bottle

Pokolbin - BIG Wine Bottle

BIG Wine Bottle

I just want to point out that despite this thing being an absolute beast it was surprisingly hard to find. I walked through this tourist trap about three times and walked past this little nook repeatedly.

For reference this is on Google Maps in the correct place. It's in a little alcove just outside the roundabout. 

There's not much to tell you about this giant bottle other than it being a wonderful photo opportunity and promotes one of the many wineries that litter the area. There are some hidden eggs within the paid areas of the Hunter Valley Gardens but I opted not to visit them. If you have the time and sense of adventure put those walking shoes on and explore the area. :)

This post is a little late coming out. Kurri Kurri was a dense town and took some time to map out and sort pictures for. I begin sorting photos for the 02-04-23 tomorrow. The album has just over 500 photos and coves a lot of loose ends in Newcastle and it's surrounds so it might take a fair few days to sort out. The next few days are relatively short though as we hit the country and art is a bit more spaced out. 

Will update as soon as I've sorted and mapped the day