Humpty Doo | The Big Boxing Crocodile

Humpty Doo | The Big Boxing Crocodile

BIG Boxing Croc

This isn't my first post but it is my very FIRST 'BIG Thing' Sorry BIG Kev, you're a roadside item... I happened upon this guy while visiting a friend, now fiancé, in Darwin when we went to the Humpty Doo tavern to try their famous Croc Burger.

I had always believed I'd fallen in love with VIG Things in VIC which carried into every other state that followed but could never recall how the vital conversation of BIG Things came up at work until discovering this photo.

I must have gone back home to VIC, recanted my adventures to a Co-worker who told me about the BIG Abalone Vagina in Laverton. I ended up googling it and like many discovered the BIG Things page on Wikipedia which started an obsession!

He's called The BIG Boxing Croc and this
 fiberglass, cyclone rated sensation stands at a whopping 13 meters in height. He took a $137,000 to construct, which probably doesn't sound like much now but in 1987 when he was constructed it was almost a BIGGER deal than he was

The concept for the Boxing Croc came from the 1983 Americas Cup logo the ‘Boxing Kangaroo’ The proprietor of the 'Bush shop' build him as a tourist idea and fitting with the natural theme of Darwin opted for the Crocodile.

Sadly the Bush shop is no more but thankfully the BIG Boxing Croc remains 

Humpty Doo | The Big Boxing CrocodileHumpty Doo | The Big Boxing CrocodileHumpty Doo | The Big Boxing Crocodile

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