Melbourne CBD - BIG Pocket Watch


BIG Pocket Watch Melbourne | Melbourne BIG Things of AustraliaBIG Pocket Watch Melbourne | Melbourne BIG Things of Australia

I think this was my very first BIG Thing. I left work at 6am and for some reason instead of going home (Werribee) I left my car at work and took a train to the city to capture the Public Purse and Pocket Watch.

The BIG Pocket watch was a gift to Melbourne by Seiko in 1991. In it original condition the Seiko name could be seen stamped across it's face and the watch came with a 12 ft chain but after the sculpture was temporarily removed for renovations the watch was placed back without its chain. 

Every hour the pocket watch animates. Marionettes dance and sing to the tune of  'Waltzing Matilda'
I use to have a video of the animation but it was over 5 years ago now and sadly these are the only pictures that have survived a few laptops and a great deal of photo dumping.

It really is an impressive spectacle and if you're into BIG Things and looking to capture this one make sure you stay for the display.

📍 The pocket watch is found near the escalators at the Melbourne Central Railway Station