Melbourne CBD - BIG Public Purse


The BIG Public Purse by Simon Perry in Melbourne's CBD.The BIG Public Purse by Simon Perry in Melbourne's CBD.

Me after a 10 hour  shift at work and refusing to go home because my very first BIG Thing Adventure just had to be had.

I had two things on my list that morning; The BIG Pocket Watch and the BIG Public Purse. I had seen the Wikipedia List and became intrigued and this baby excursion was the test to see if I enjoyed it.

It was extremely amusing and paved the way to an obsession

The BIG Public Purse is actually a seat. It was intended to be sat on. It was created by Simon Perry in 1994. Simon Perry is an amazing artist. He created the BIG Tap in Caroline Springs, the BIG Knots in Brisbane's CBD and I believe is an art professor at a Melbourne University.