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Captain Concrete

Have you ever heard the phrase ''Going Tropo?' It comes to mind every time I see this photo and wonder, why?!?!

I passed this on the Highway frequently and had no idea what it was so one day they had a couple of Minions out the front of their facility in the form of tyre art so I finally pulled up to the facility for a snoop.

I still wasn't sure what he was so I knocked on the door to the business and they explained to me he was an old Energizer Battery icon.

He was found at the Tip Shop and was saved from Doom, painted and was dubbed Captain Concrete. 

He now sits on top of the facility smiling at motorists as they drive to and from their destinations.

I'm unsure who saved Cpt Concrete and I'm unsure how long he's been there but he's an interesting piece of Australian Kitsch 

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