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BIG Chainsaw

I brought a new chainsaw from The BIG Mower, It's cutting hedge technology! Bad dum dis!
For somewhere called The Big Mower I would have expected a BIG Mower but they have a BIG Chainsaw, perplexed!🙃 

BIG Chainsaws are everywhere, we know this. Most Stihl stores have a wonderfully Kitschy chainsaw but I'm adamant to collect one in each state, I still take stock photos of them when I see them but no longer take selfies unless I'in a new state or it's unusually placed. This is one of my favorite selfies with Adventurer Maty. It's hard to get him out of the car sometimes, I may have made him visit too many chainsaws 😂

These signature business icons of @stihl_au can be found right across the country

📍 The Big Mower, Winnellie