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These BIG Frogs were moved from Finlay Joints in Yarrawonga to the City CBD in 2017 after Finlay sold his property and relocated his business. (See bottom 3rd picture)

The fate of Kev the dinosaur is yet to be determined as it was rumored Bunnings brought the vacant property. BIG Kev was my very first Roadside Attraction. The community has really made an uproar about his preservation in an attempting to keep BIG Kev. Bunnings did say they'd make every effort to  work around the large dinosaur.

It's been a year however since Bunnings was suppose to have relocated and still no construction has taken place.

Edit: Bunnings have since moved to this facility, dissected Kev and placed him into storage until a suitable home can be found

Edit: Bunnings has officially moved and BIG Kev has been restored.

These are one of two sets of BIG Frogs I had found in the Northern Territory. There's a second set located at the Berry Springs Wildlife Park but Berry Springs requires an admittance fee. These are free to capture!

Darwin BIG Things | BIG FrogsDarwin BIG Things | BIG FrogsDarwin BIG Things | BIG Frogs

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