Ballarat | The BIG Miner

Ballarat | The BIG Miner
The BIG Miner

I've visited this guy twice now. Once to collect it for the first time and the second after accidently deleing all of my photo's save one selfie. 

The BIG Miner is owned by Wayne Johnston, Co-owner of  Gold Rush Indoor and Outdoor Mini Golf and owner of 3D Theme Concepts. It was created as a centerpiece and icon for the business to honor Ballarat's history and minors who shaped the town. W. Johnston commissioned Steve Bristow to create the icon and the BIG Miner was brought to life and unveiled in 2006

The Gold Rush Mini Golf park website states he was originally made from polystyrene with a steel frame. He's around 6 meters tall (Not including pedestal) and was originally a copper color. 

In 2009 W. Johnston wanted to honor the statue by bringing it up to spec with the rest of Ballarat's more prominent artworks by refurbishing him. At the cost of $3,000 the BIG Miner was coated in sandstone across three days and looks stunning. 

As well as a new and permanent coating the BIG Miner also received an extended pedestal and a faithful companion. Perhaps another tribute to Wee Jock. Despite being apart of the Mini Gold Rush venue you're better off setting your destination to Ballarat's Mill Market as he sits at the end of their driveway and the walk from the Mini Golf parking lot isn't an overly safe one. 

Ballarat | The BIG MinerBallarat | The BIG MinerBallarat | The BIG Miner

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