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Rump on a Stump | Cowaramup Public Art

Rump on a Stump

Spread eagled this sculpture really has you saying 'Holy cow'

In 1999 Chicago (America) started a cow parade that saw a cow being painted, displayed then auctioned for a local charity.

The good town of COWaramup adopted this parade in 2009/10 and has become a cow sculpture town consisting of 42 different cows.

One being this golden cow atop a pole.

I could have taken photos of any cow but this one ties in with a town joke.

It's a spoof to make fun of (Robert Oatley Wines) that has a sculpture 'Free as a Bird' aka 'chick on a stick' a golden, spread eagled, naked woman atop a pole which created a lot of controversy in a small rural town and apparently erected without planning approval.

📍 Pioneer Park Cowaramup