The BIG Rocking Horse

BIG Rocking Horse in Gumchera I South Australian BIG Things

The birth of the Rocking horse goes something like this!

Wal Wilkinson owned a business and after a few failed attempts to attract tourists, he decided to spend a whopping $100,000 to construct this 18.3m tall, 17 m long roadside attraction.

And the Gumeracha horse was born! Designed by David McIntosh it took 8 months to construct the horse and the structure consisted of 3 viewing platforms. Unfortunately in 2001 the horse fell over. I'm not sure if it rocked too hard and went vertical, sideways or slipped off a support but in 2001 the Rocking horse was closed.

The Wilkinson family sold the property along with the horse in 2004 to Anthony Miller who restored the horse, public access and significantly improved tourism numbers.

After 5 years of business Mr Miller sold the property in 2009 to the Gous family who closed public access to the horse for 3 months in 2013 to update the horses safety standards.