Daly Waters - BIG Bottle


BIG Wine Bottle in Daly Waters | Northern Territory BIG Thing

This was a fun picture. I was on the home stretch from Daly Waters with only a few more stops til I reached home. I'd been on the road for a few months by this time driving from sun up to sun down and address hopping from BIG thing to public sculpture.

Surprisingly I took a few photos in Daly Waters. I don't normally stop and look around places while on an art mission but I grabbed a coffee from the pub and walked around a little to enjoy this strange small place.

This giant wine bottle on wheels does move around a little. Sometime it's parked out front, sometimes it's parked in the undercover drinking area (Which is where I found it) don't be shy in asking the staff about it and where it's parked if you can't immediately find it.