Wilsons Prom | Squeaky Beach

 When they said squeaky beach I wasn't quite expecting this. This was one of my brothers suggestions for an adventure. I'm quite surprised as I've never really seen him out and about, living in different states makes that hard, but I'm glad he did. It was a cool place

My brother may not appreciate me throwing our family photos on the interwebs but I'd really like to utilize them rather than them rotting on my laptop. Today those photos get deleted but they live on here, as a wonderful experience to share

Wilsons Prom had a great mix of beach, oddities, walking trails and wild life. The emus didn't play ball when we coo'd at them to try  catch their attention to look at the camera. Likely very use to people 

I'll say this often through out my blog and you'll start to think I exaggerate. I'm not much of a landscape shutter bug. It's something I'd like to get into a but more in a documentation role but apparently I couldn't resist snapping some scenic photos here.

📍 Wilsons Prom | Squeaky Beach