My Tasmanian Adventue

We got posting orders around Nov 2018 that we were being posted to Albury. We visited some friends to say goodbye and joked about taking something of theirs as a souvenir. As we were walking out of their house I snagged a Christmas decoration off their Xmas tree and laughed. 

This isn't their ball. THIS is the ball I stole from a wreath found on one of the Spirit of Tasmania bars. 
I continued stealing any Christmas decoration I could find that Christmas season and I have some pretty memorable ones.

Mat and I had been together for 3 years when we got that posting order and we decided to spend Mats Xmas leave taking our first holiday; Tasmania. 

This appears to be the only photo I have of the ship. I took some while we were in the car lining up to board but I remember them being terrible and can no longer find them. Looking at the album I have for Tas there's not a great deal of touristy photos past the BIG Things and Sculpture photographs.

Tasmania won't have a great deal many TAGs.