Mental Health Check!

Albury Street Art | Tracie MacVean

This mural always stood out for me as Alburys best mural. It was created by Tracie MacVean and depicts a solitary figure with their world on their back while hugging their knees. Everything from the posture to the colors screamed of mental health metaphors and I thought it was amazing a mural highlighting mental health was so prominent in Albury. It's something we don't talk about often enough.

Sadly just before the Albury/ Wodonga 2020 Upstream festival this mural was painted over by the Albury Council. I've heard the intention was for the wall to be the canvas for another artist. A live event for the festival itself but funding fell through and the blank white wall was hidden with a large scale paste up.

I've never been so shocked! I'm so incredibly disanointed in my local council. MacVean's mural was beautiful. 

There are two other murals at this location and two across the road.
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📍 Crn: Macauley & Dean St, Albury  Obsolete Mural